Nov 27, 2015 by: Carter Reschke
Categories: Opinion/Ideas

ApplepencilWhen the Apple Pencil was announced along with the iPad pro, critics pounced on it, referencing when Steve Jobs said Apple would never make a stylus.  I heard from my friends who mocked the pencil.  But really, the Apple Pencil isn't a stylus, at least not in the way Steve Jobs meant it.  The Apple Pencil was designed specifically for artists using the iPad Pro as a drawing tool.  And now that the iPad Pro has come out, I got a chance to go and see the pencil, and I brought two excellent artists with me to see what they thought.

Their first impressions were: wow, this feels like a real pencil!  The Apple Pencil responds perfectly to pressure and it feels and looks just like you were drawing on a piece of paper.  One of the artists I brought added that the ability to block out your hand was remarkable.  It really did feel like a pencil and paper.

After using the pencil for awhile and creating some pictures, the consensus was that it was amazing.  It shaded beautifully, responded perfectly to pencil angle and pressure, and was almost as good as a pencil and paper.  Even better, one press of a button and you can delete the whole drawing.  Or you can undo your last step.

So critics, the Apple Pencil is not a stylus, and it wasn't intended to be.

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