Dec 18, 2015 by: Ezra Reschke
Categories: The Apple Report


Hello and welcome to The Apple Report #1. The Apple Report is basically a summary of the top 3 to 5 trending Apple news and rumors in the past couple weeks. So to keep you entertained, let's jump right in.

  1. Phones Expected to Have OLED Displays Starting in 2018
    According to Japanese website NikkeiApple has plans to introduce OLED displays that the majority of competitors' phones currently use. Advantages? OLED displays can provide sharper images and brighter colors compared to LCD displays. Downsides, however: OLED's have a shorter lifespan and higher manufacturing costs, not much advantage in financial terms. Apple has reportedly been "consulting with display makers" to eliminate potential drawbacks.
  2. Unresponsive iPad Pros due to software bug?
    Recently from time to time my iPhone 6 has been freezing up as the recent iPad Pros have. At first I thought my battery was bad, then as it continued I suspected a software bug. My friend, who lives in Portland, has a iPod 5th gen and called me up informing me his iPod froze up on the lock screen and wouldn't respond despite hearing the sounds of messages and notifications. I recently talked with Carter on this and he has reported incidents like this too. If your having this problem too, you're not alone either. I'll write a more detailed report on this soon.
  3. 2017 Mirage Will Be First Mitsubishi Vehicle in U.S. to Support CarPlay?
    On the account of ugly cars, why do cars that support CarPlay have to be so ugly (with exception of the super cars that support it)? I personally want Dodge to support it, as I am in the market for a Ram. Aftermarket systems are okay, but it should be standard issue. Let's be honest, car tech packages suck and we all know it. Why can't CarPlay just come standard? 

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