Dec 21, 2015 by: Carter Reschke
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AppletvgamesThe new Apple TV hasn't been in the news much lately, but it should be.  I recently posted a review of the Apple TV, saying that although the software and remote received a much needed facelift, it felt rushed and unfinished when it came to the App Store.  Although some brilliant games like Rayman Adventures and some great and useful apps are on it, the App Store for the Apple TV feels very, very sparse.  I couldn't name more than ten decent games for it, which is definitely a problem since it is advertised as being something that's great to game on.  In reality, the Apple TV isn't a gaming console but it definitely has the capabilities and they're not being used to the fullest.  What worries me more is that we are in the midst of the holiday season, a time when people are buying Apple devices for their families, and no major games have been announced for the TV.  What this signals is that companies aren't interested in developing for the Apple TV, and there are quite a few possible reasons for that.  But will the TV continue to develop with more gaming capabilities and popularity in the gaming world, or will games eventually be done away with in future Apple TV's, bringing it to its original purposes?

The answer to that question lies in the games that are currently on and being produced for the Apple TV.  Right now there is a limited selection of games, and really only a couple of decent ones.  Rayman Adventures has been written about as the best game for the TV which is worrying because although it's a fun, colorful, playful game, it shouldn't be the best game this device has to offer.  I'm sorry, but I would expect something better from an App Store for the Apple TV.  Like I said, the TV seemed rushed and that may be the reason why there aren't many games, but I had thought we would be seeing more big games announced in the months after the release of the TV, but we haven't seen anything of the kind.  It could be that the 64-bit A8 chip isn't capable of running some of the games we see on Xbox and Playstation consoles, but I would expect at least a few more decent games being announced.

As I mentioned earlier, the lack of major games and apps being announced for the Apple TV is worrisome and raises doubts about the future of Apple TV gaming.  If big developers aren't interested in the Apple TV, gamers won't be either, and that might be the end of it.  We'll see what happens over the course of the next few years, but my prediction is that games will eventually cease to be made for the Apple TV and that the gaming feature will be almost, if not all the way gone in the next few models of the TV.

Like I said in my other article, the Apple TV is not a gaming console and it never will be.









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