Jan 18, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

Iphone_7Of course the iPhone 7 is months and months away from its announcement but rumors are swirling and it's time to check them out.  We'll list all of the somewhat credible rumors and validate or debunk 'em.  Let's get started:

The iPhone 7 Will Be Waterproof:

A waterproof iPhone 7 would be a life-saver for many people, including me, who have a habit of breaking their phones due to water damage, and there have been quite a few rumors saying it'll be waterproof.  The Japanese Blog called Macotakara claims Apple has been testing prototypes of waterproof phones, but these rumors may be unfounded.  Apple has never mentioned or introduced a waterproof phone and we don't have a huge reason to believe the 7 will be waterproof, but it's worth thinking about.  Plus, they're lagging behind in the waterproof category as several other companies already have waterproof phones.  We give the iPhone 7 Waterproof rumor a possibly, not necessarily likely rating.  However, if the major changes we're seeing in other rumors do come true, don't be surprised if Apple unveils a waterproof iPhone 7.

No Headphone Jack

I recently wrote an article about the rumors of Apple excluding the 3.5mm headphone jack on the new iPhone in favor of a refreshed set of Beats earphones as well as a potential set of headphones that works with the lighting port.  This rumor looks a little more credible as many major Apple news websites have reported it and it doesn't seem out of reach for Apple.  Apple's known for making thin phones and elimination the jack would create a sleeker overall design and would allow them to make the phone thinner.  We rate the no headphone jack rumor very likely.  You don't like it?  Buy an older iPhone.

Switch to OLED Screens

A week or two ago Ezra wrote up an article (Apple Report #1) that included information and speculation on the potential for a switch to OLED screens with the release of the iPhone 7.  If you want more info on that, go to the actual article, but as for this article we're going to rate that likely.

4-Inch Screen

Rumors have been circulated that Apple may be releasing an iPhone with a 4-inch screen for the old iPhone lovers who are dying to have that screen size back.  But who knows, maybe those rumors are coming from the old iPhone lovers.  We rate this rumor wishful thinking, but possible.  It would be a smart move to include a 4-inch iPhone in the lineup, however. 

Well, there you have it!  Those are our validations of the major iPhone 7 rumors circulating.  We hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment or contact us if you wish.  Thanks!


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