Oct 12, 2016 by: Ezra Reschke


We all know the Mac line is dusty and dated at the moment, and it needs a big upgrade. I hope this upgrade starts with the MacBook Pro. When the newest model is released, it needs to be packing more power and a better design if the Mac line ever wants a chance at being relevant again. I am going to hypothetically assume that the Apple R&D team has been hard at work on my favorite product line and will be ready to launch in November just in time for Christmas...right? As I have stated before, I believe that Apple needs to bring a full Mac lineup refresh in order to keep the Mac line alive.

For this article, I'm going to focus on the MacBook Pro which will hopefully replace my 13" MacBook Air. My dream Mac would include a quad core 4.0 GHz Skylake i7 or a custom Apple designed ARM processor. It would also include 16 gig RAM and 500 GB SSD. To ice the cake, I would want a  Nvidia 940M or equivalent dedicated graphics. Mac's lack in the graphics card department, and it needs to up its game if you are doing any heavy GPU work (or dare I say gaming). That is a must have for my dream Mac.

As for design change, I think the rumored OLED panel that will replace the physical function buttons at the top of the keyboard would be a nice addition but could prove pointless in productivity. 5k on the 15"? Sure, but the GPU department better be able to keep up. As for ports, I think a Lightning port for audio, four USB-C ports and a micro SD slot should do. Love it or hate it, lightning audio is here to stay. Touch ID is a little far fetched but not impossible to see in the upcoming MBP, and a slimmer and sleeker design would be nice to have, but not at the cost of power.  

That is about everything I hope and expect to see on the MBP. Comment below if you agree or have other things you want to see not mentioned on my list. 



  1. pk ~ Oct. 12, 2016 @ 6:27 am

    Along with the new MB Pros, I think it's essential to release a new stand-alone display. #
  2. Ezra Reschke ~ Oct. 12, 2016 @ 4:43 pm

    I definitely agree with you pk. Least Apple could do is officially offer external display GPU support along with a new standalone display. #

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