Oct 31, 2016 by: Ezra Reschke


It is one day after Apple's special event, and opinions are are all over the place. One opinion is that Apple was not very innovative with its notebook refresh and that it is disappointing it was not a full lineup refresh. Here is why I disagree. Apple may be desperately in need of a lineup refresh (Just look at the Mac Pro specs) but they are still savvy and won't comprise the instant gratification of a full lineup refresh into one quarter.  Apple typically has not pulled a entire lineup refresh into one event. They typically refresh notebooks in October and desktops in January. This will allow another "hype" to boost profits come early next year. Good call Apple.

I personally think that the new Pro laptops are a little over priced compared to most new refreshes. The choice to kill off the Air was a great move by Apple, as I think as this simplifies the lineup very well. And my wish for a better GPU on the 15" model was granted. The new Radeon 460 with 4 gig VRAM is not a full blown power house but is a major improvement over the previous model. Base clock speed on the new i7 was a disappointment as it cannot turbo over 3.8 ghz when you upgrade it but who knows if that will make any difference at all. Overall I am impressed, and we think Apple did a nice job with the Mac Pro update.

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