Nov 17, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

AppleblendThere hasn't been much buzz in the news regarding the upcoming update to the iPad Pro lately, likely because the MacBook Pro has been flooding Apple headlines lately (along with rumors of Apple's version of the Google Glass). However, the iPad Pro is certainly and interesting subject and we are excited to see what Apple introduces to them this spring. So let's go over what we know, or think we know, so far about the upcoming iPad Pros.

1.  We will likely be seeing three different display sizes, 7.9", 10.1", and 12.9". We have made it very clear what we think about smaller iPad Pro sizes here at AppleBlend, and we don't approve. So the fact that we could be seeing a 7.9" iPad Pro is disturbing, but it's nice to see that a 10.1" model will be introduced, catering to some users who'd like a smaller or more portable device.

2.  Another addition we will likely be seeing is a True Tone display on all models of the Pro, which would be a nice upgrade and something that many 12.9" users would approve of.

3. We won't be seeing headphone jacks on the new iPads, which doesn't come as much of a surprise. As we've talked about, Apple is on a steady march to eliminate as many ports from their devices as possible, and it only makes sense that the headphone jack, and maybe eventually the lighting port, will be removed from Apple devices.

Overall, we're excited for the iPad Pro 2 and we hope you are as well. Be sure to comment if you have any additional input.

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