Nov 22, 2016 by: Carter Reschke


Apple's Mac line has been in the news endlessly lately. The release of the newest MacBook Pros and future speculation on Mac updates have been something both consumers and investors have been very interested in. However, all the talk about Macs can get confusing for the average Mac customer confused about what they should actually purchase. Should you buy the latest 15-inch MBP with Touch Bar? Or maybe the latest MacBook? What about an Air, or maybe the Mac Pro? Additionally, the names are so similar that most average consumers probably wouldn't know the difference between a MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro if asked. If you're one of those confused consumers, or maybe an Apple fanboy debating which Mac to buy next, you've found the right place. Here's our guide to help you figure out which Mac is best for you.

Mac Pro: We're leading off with a computer that isn't talked about very much, but is likely Apple's most powerful consumer-level machine, the Mac Pro. Starting at $2999 but escalating up to even over eight or nine thousand, this computer definitely isn't going to be for regular users. This is is an extremely powerful, high-end machine fit for editors or professionals who need an extremely powerful machine for their everyday activities. Most people don't fall into this category, and if you're not going to be demanding unusually high speed and performance from your computer daily, this isn't the right one for you.

MacBook: Often confused with the MacBook Pro by the everyday person, the MacBook is actually much different. It's slim, stylish design appeals to mobile consumers who don't need much more than a browser and maybe some photo editing applications. This is an excellent computer for the businessman, salesman, photographer, and casual user. It won't deliver insanely high speed or power, but it's more than enough to get the job done for almost everyone. Starting at $1299, this computer is reasonably priced. If you don't need extremely high power for intense video-editing or some other unusual use, this is probably the perfect computer for you. Light, slim, stylish, portable, fast, and excellent for almost everyone.

MacBook Air: Apple hasn't released an Air for awhile, but you can think of it as a dumbed-down, cheaper version of the MacBook. Yes, it's slim, but the design isn't as great, there's no force touch trackpad, and it runs much slower than Apple's latest computers. However, if you're a student or someone on a low budget who really just needs a browser, the Air is a cheaper alternative to the MacBook, and it just may be the right computer for you.

MacBook Pro: Apple's most recent update to the Mac line, the Pro is an excellent computer, but it comes at a price, and you can expect to pay two thousand dollars or more for this gem. The Touch Bar creates a more efficient, fluid workflow, perfect for editors and designers. The computer itself is very powerful, and would be suitable for video editing, high-end video games, and much more. This computer is great if you have the budget for it and are interested in doing things that require a lot of power.

Well, there you have it! We hope this helped, and if you're interested in some more guides, check out our top five Apple picks for the holidays!






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