Feb 24, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

IphonepictureA recent study conducted by BTG on millions of devices confirms the absolute inferiority of Android devices: 85% of device failures occur on phones running Android and Samsung leads the way with 27% of the device failures found in the study. Just that in itself is quite astounding. Samsung, I expected better. Actually, come to think of it, no I didn't. But still, everyone can agree that having such a vast majority of the device failures shows both the poor quality of the phone and the operating system.  The companies placing second and third with failures also use Android as their operating system of choice.

What does this mean? Well, it simply solidifies the fact that Apple's products use better components and have superior software. Let's look at the full list of device failures: Samsung at 27%, Lenovo 21%, Motorola 18%, Xiaomi at 11%, and Asus at 8%. The one thing that all those devices have in common? They use one of the many failed (and numerous) versions of the Android operating system.  

Apple's iPhones took 15% of the device failures, which is very impressive considering that they are now the worldwide leader in smartphone sales. If this was put to scale, iPhones would have the smallest failure rate out of every smartphone company.

Essentially, this study confirms that iPhones are the most reliable phones with a vastly superior software system. As always, feel free to comment or contact us.  Thanks!

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