Feb 6, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

Iphone5seIf you've been paying any attention to Apple rumors recently, you have probably heard about Apple's purported 4-inch iPhone "5se" coming out, possibly as soon as March 15th alongside a new iPad.  

When it was a smaller, less credible rumor, I wrote about the possibility of a 4-inch iPhone, along with other iPhone rumors, in another article.

Now, the iPhone 5 SE rumors have been circulating through tons of Apple news websites and it seems to be a more credible rumor at this point.  If you haven't figured it out already, iPhone 5 SE stands for iPhone 5: Special Edition.  It's essentially an iPhone 5 given a huge upgrade and a facelift, bringing it up to date with Apple's latest phones.  It is reported to have the same camera as an iPhone 6 as well as the capabilities for live photos.  It also should come with an NFC chip for Apple pay and is rumored to include A9/M9 chips which would definitely be an update to the original iPhone 5.

Oh, and I think I mentioned "pink" in the title.  Yes, it appears that the iPhone 5 SE will come in a hot pink color which would be a variation on Apple's rose gold color they released with the 6s (which wasn't gold at all, just a fancy way to say light pink).

I might write another article on this in a couple of weeks if more rumors and evidence emerges, but for now keep your fingers crossed!  As always, feel free to comment or contact us.  Thanks!

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