Mar 2, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

Phantom4Today was a huge day for drone lovers, since DJI announced the Phantom 4, the latest installment to their revolutionary Phantom series. It comes with a hefty price tag at $1399 but includes features such as autopilot, sport mode (increases max speed to near 50 mph), and it includes a groundbreaking new obstacle evasion system that we haven't seen except in designs and futuristic concepts. The drone can actually "see" its surroundings.  Where does Apple come in?

Re/code reports that DJI and Apple have a deal and the product will hit the shelves March 15 but exclusively in Apple retail stores and DJI stores until March 23, which is when you'll start to see it pop up in other retail locations. Pre-ordering right now is available through DJI's website and Apple's online store as well.

It is interesting to see Apple getting involved with drones, but not surprising, as they're involved with basically everything lately. We'll see how far they take it...I highly doubt they'd make their own drone, but I would love to see it happen someday.  Thanks, and feel free to comment or contact us!

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