Apr 17, 2016 by: Carter Reschke
Categories: Rumors

AppstoreSome significant changes may be coming to the App Store, reports Bloomberg. It appears that Apple has organized a 'secret team' to work on making some changes to the App Store in the near future. The biggest of these changes would probably be the implementation of paid search results. In this new version of the App Store, developers could pay to have their apps display at the top of the search results when a certain phrase is searched. For example, if somebody searched "Star Wars", developers could purchase slots for their games to appear before the developers that didn't pay.

But would this really affect the App Store? I believe so. When I search for something, I (and probably many others) only look through the first few results before either downloading an app or moving on. Paid search results would generally favor bigger game companies or developers with more money. It sounds rigged in a way, but it is typically the bigger gaming companies that produce the best games anyway. Sure, you could make a decent game in your parents' basement with a budget of a couple hundred bucks, but the higher quality games are going to come from companies with more money. All in all, paid search results would optimize the App Store and make it easier for users to find the latest and greatest apps from well-known companies. And in turn, these companies would make more money. It's a win-win!

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