Jun 15, 2016 by: Carter Reschke


True, WWDC was only yesterday, but Ezra and I have done some intense hands-on testing in the past 24 hours, and we're presenting our full review of iOS 10. Keep in mind, it is in its first beta form and many glitches and bugs will be fixed by the official release. For those of you interested in getting iOS 10, the developer beta is available now, and the public beta is released in July. The official release is this fall. Now onto the full iOS 10 review:

Lock Screen

The completely overhauled lock screen in iOS 10 not only looks nice, but provides excellent functionality and includes some great new features. The new font and location of the time and date work well, and getting rid of "slide to unlock" makes the unlocking process easier. Those features are nice, but they're nothing compared to the addition of widgets to the lock screen. Widgets are now more accessible and look nicer, just a quick swipe from the main lock screen. The lock screen is now more than just an access point to the rest of your phone, it's an information central with a customizable widgets screen. Overall, the work on the lock screen was on point, and one of the better updates in iOS 10.

Clock App

The Clock app was improved upon in iOS 10, but not drastically. The new "raise to wake" or sleep analysis feature of the app was nice, but it's pretty pointless. It simply tracks what you set your bedtime and wakeup alarms to, not the actual time you were sleeping. Although it looks nice, it's pretty much just another alarm. As far as the rest of the clock app, Apple pretty much inverted the colors and called it good. A potential reason for this is because most people use it at night to set their alarm, thus the darker screen would be easier on the eyes. However, that's what NightShift is for, and the inverted colors really don't add anything to the actual app. Overall, the work on the Clock App was mediocre at best, and I hope to see something better from Apple in the next update.


The rework of messages was likely the biggest change in iOS 10. The new Messages app has now become a mashup of Snapchat, Whatsapp, and the old version of Messages. You can draw, send handwritten notes, send bigger emojis, and do much, much more. It's a nice update, but the new features will likely only be used by a specific audience, and they're not that essential for the function of the Messages app. It's a nice attempt. Overall, the Messages update is nice but most of the new features probably won't be used by the majority of iOS users.

Parked Car/Maps Updates

Apple Maps got some small updates, the parked car update probably being the most notable. Your iPhone now knows where you parked your car, which could be extremely useful in parking garages, carnivals, and other large parking lot spaces. Overall, this was a nice update that will be useful in some situations.


As a side note, we've only had the beta for about 24 hours, probably less, so we definitely haven't found all of the bugs and glitches. However, I have noticed the following:

1. Messages notifications sometimes appear at the top of the screen even while you are currently in the messages discussion with the person from which those notifications are coming. Hopefully this will get fixed soon as it causes the Messages app to be quite slow.

2. General app crashes have been happening, and I have seen this especially with Messages. It seems that all the new features may be causing it to crash, and hopefully Apple will fix that up in the future.

3. There are certainly others we haven't found, and we will report any significant ones if we find some.


Overall, iOS 10 is fun, smooth, and smart. Not only were nice visual features added, but many excellent functional features were added. The rework of Messages makes it fun and easy to use, and features like ones added to Maps will be very useful in the future. We hope Apple continues to improve upon this, and we're excited for the final product.

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