Jun 21, 2016 by: Ezra Reschke


Another exiting WWDC has passed and here at AppleBlend we are excited for all the new features coming to OS X (sorry, Mac OS) and iOS. There was one small glimmer of gold that did not show itself at WWDC and that is hardware. This sets the stage for a exciting hardware refresh hopefully later this year. Since Apple's introduction of the Apple A7 processor, there has been speculation that Apple will ditch Intel and move the entire Mac line to there own custom chip line. This would require Apple to create a emulator for all Intel code to be able to run on the new processors while devs recompile for the new chipset. Apple has done this successfully when they moved to Intel in the first place, which gives hope they can do it again.

Do you think they will move to ARM processors? Leave a comment below.

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