Jul 12, 2016 by: Ezra Reschke

Img_9359Over Independence Day weekend, I was able to visit a Apple store in Santa Rosa California while on vacation, and I noticed a shortage of display tables holding Macs. This was a first time ever walking into a Apple store and having to look long and hard just to find a table with a few MacBooks on it. The first six tables were lined with iOS devices in every color, with Beats headphones resting next to the devices. The only Mac tables were on the far wall sides and a couple in the rear center. Even these tables only held a few Macs, some of which were outdated. Are Apple Stores cutting the Mac display area in stores to showcase their iOS devices?

It seems quite possible. The Mac lineup is old and outdated, and until they release something new there isn't much interest in Macs. Apple seems to be pushing the iPod 6th Gen and beats heavily as they were on the the front and center tables. Apple non touch iPods were pushed into the accessory shelf's. Apple TVs were on the side wall paired with 3rd party gaming controllers (which felt like Xbox 360 controllers, bulky and unresponsive at times). The Apple store felt empty as there were few people in the store and a very small Mac display area. Do you think Apple Stores are cutting Mac display areas until Apple releases something new? We certainly do. Leave a comment if you have visited a Apple store recently and it felt like this.   

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