About Us

Brilliant and creative, long time cousins and close friends Ezra and Carter present you AppleBlend. Ezra and Carter have teamed to bring you Apple rumors, opinions, and how-to's, all conveniently blended up for you up. Following in their fathers' footsteps, who have been proud writers of the successful "Two Guys and a Podcast" or "T-Gaap", Ezra and Carter welcome you to Apple Blend (just mind the blades).  



Ezra is an aspiring designer and long time Apple enthusiast. Currently a A+ high school student and soon to be college student majoring in a undecided design field, he definitely has the skills to pay the bills. Located in far southern Oregon, Ezra fancies spending his time outside of school working part time on a local farm. He also spends time with his offroad truck engineering group, all on top of managing this blog and designing things-and what better designing tools than Apple's revolutionary products.



Carter is a loyal and long-time Apple aficionado.  Growing up in a world where Apple products have dominated (and for good reason), he is very well-informed on the subject.  Currently flying through high school, he is a phenomenal student and has interests in business, meteorology, and politics.  When he's not composing beautiful articles just for you, he's either acing tests or he's in the middle of a river fly fishing.  He currently manages two other websites and a YouTube channel and is starting an outdoors company with his friend.  And of course, he tests and uses Apple's groundbreaking products daily.