May 5, 2016 by: Ezra Reschke
Categories: Opinion/Ideas


The recent decline in Apple's tablet sales hardly phases them as they continue to upgrade the iPads yearly. With its recycled design year after year, and the only good selling point its custom X series processor, where does the iPad fit in Apple's lineup? 

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May 3, 2016 by: Carter Reschke
Categories: Opinion/Ideas

IphoneseWhen the iPhone SE was released, critics bashed it for not receiving huge sales and attention at its launch, and the fact that the sales were underperforming previous iPhones. Many critics used it to propel their narrative that Apple is failing or dying off. I addressed these absurd critiques in my article about the reason that iPhone SE sales weren't what some people expected them to be. Simply put, iPhone SE sales won't be as great as iPhone 7 sales will be or as great as 6s sales were, simply because it's not the next phone in Apple's lineup, but an addition to diversify the product line and cater to 4-inch iPhone lovers. However, it appears that the SE may have more demand than people want to talk about.

Chuck Jones at Forbes writes that "SE lead times have stabilized at 2 to 3 weeks". Now, lead times don't necessarily mean great sales, but long lead times show that there is a high demand for the product (basically, that it's popular). It is performing similar to how the 5s performing on its launch, and I'm not surprised. The SE is a great iPhone to diversify Apple's lineup, and as much as critics want to call it a failure, it simply isn't. Apple made a great move with adding the SE to the lineup and I think it will be a solid performer for years to come. Thanks! Leave a comment below if you have any input.

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Apr 17, 2016 by: Carter Reschke
Categories: Rumors

AppstoreSome significant changes may be coming to the App Store, reports Bloomberg. It appears that Apple has organized a 'secret team' to work on making some changes to the App Store in the near future. The biggest of these changes would probably be the implementation of paid search results. In this new version of the App Store, developers could pay to have their apps display at the top of the search results when a certain phrase is searched. For example, if somebody searched "Star Wars", developers could purchase slots for their games to appear before the developers that didn't pay.

But would this really affect the App Store? I believe so. When I search for something, I (and probably many others) only look through the first few results before either downloading an app or moving on. Paid search results would generally favor bigger game companies or developers with more money. It sounds rigged in a way, but it is typically the bigger gaming companies that produce the best games anyway. Sure, you could make a decent game in your parents' basement with a budget of a couple hundred bucks, but the higher quality games are going to come from companies with more money. All in all, paid search results would optimize the App Store and make it easier for users to find the latest and greatest apps from well-known companies. And in turn, these companies would make more money. It's a win-win!

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Apr 15, 2016 by: Ezra Reschke

The next generation Apple watch is just around the corner and I am stoked. I have always been skeptical of the current generation and have been reluctant to purchase one because the next version is bound to super seed this model. Apple-watch-2-1 

Rumors say a new wireless chipset will be introduced to allow for basic communication tasks to be handled without a paired iPhone, and the same technology may also mean that lost Apple Watches could be found using Wi-Fi triangulation. It may also have a new breed of smart band to go along with it. A recent patent application has been filed for a strap that has light fibers woven in allowing  you to be able to get notifications from your wrist all the way around. Apple planned to include sensors that measured things like the conductivity of the skin, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure in the original version but the company was unable to get solid results with the sensors. It would be great if perhaps they decided to include  some of these sensors in the second-generation Apple Watch. Other early rumors and analyst predictions have suggested the second-generation Apple Watch could be up to 40% thinner and have a front-facing FaceTime HD camera. Also rumored is a higher 16GB storage capacity to limit the watch's reliability on the iPhone flash storage. Lastly rumored is a major WiFi chip upgrade to help incorporate Face Time calls and a fast Apple S2 Prosser. Those are all the current rumors of Apple watch 2 blended up for you. We will continue to update this topic. 

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Apr 14, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

AppleblendWhen the iPhone SE hit the shelves, critics slammed it within the first couple of days for not hitting the numbers that Apple's new iPhones usually do. I've seen quite a few articles saying that it's sales are poor and underperforming. But are they really? Here's our take:

The SE isn't the 7. Do you really expect the iPhone SE to have similar sales as Apple's new iPhones usually do? It wasn't even the next major iPhone in the lineup. The SE was simply an upgraded 5s. It was designed to help the 4-inch iPhone customers who had previously been stuck with the 5s, and it gave them a new version of the 5s with upgraded processors and cameras. It just appeals to the 4-inch iPhone crowd. So it obviously isn't going to receive the sales and attention that the 6 or 6s did.

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Apr 13, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

GamecenterFinally. The "white screen of death" Game Center bug will be fixed in iOS 9.3.2, MacRumors reports. This is an issue where, at times, Game Center becomes unresponsive and displays a blank white screen (hence the name) and the settings app freezes when Game Center is selected. It renders many games unplayable and has been a serious issue for anyone who uses Game Center or games that require it. It has been an issue for me personally, and I contacted Apple Support about it a few weeks ago but there wasn't much they could do.

Luckily, it appears Apple is finally fixing this bug with the next iOS update. However, it was supposedly fixed in September, but that ended up being false, and this time could be no different. But at the moment, gamers with the iOS 9.3.2 beta are reporting that Game Center is up and running. We'll see how long that lasts..But I'm definitely hoping Apple has found a fix and will roll it out with the next iOS 9 update.

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Apr 5, 2016 by: Carter Reschke


According to KGI's respected source Ming-Chui Kuo, the iPhone 7 will have a dual camera, but it will be limited to just the 5.5 inch model (the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro). He said this:

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Apr 4, 2016 by: Ezra Reschke


Is Touch ID slow, unresponsive, not as accurate as it used to be? If you answered any of those then these are some simple fixes to improve touch ID.

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Mar 24, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

AppleblendProbably the biggest release at Apple's special event Monday was the iPhone SE, the cheapest iPhone that Apple has ever released. At a starting price of $399, the SE undoubtedly gives you the most bang for your buck of any Apple phone with excellent processing power and battery life. Created specifically for the people who have longed for Apple to update their 4-inch iPhone.

The iPhone SE comes at an incredibly cheap price of $399, but don't be fooled. It has almost identical specs to the iPhone 6s, including an A9/M9 chip which gives the phone tremendous power. It has a longer battery life that the 6s, only with a shorter battery life than the 6s Plus.

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Mar 23, 2016 by: Carter Reschke

AppleblendApple's special event on Monday had a few big releases, one of the most notable being the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro (significantly smaller than the 12.9 inch iPad Pro that Apple released in the fall). An improved screen and being able to change the tone of the screen to the surrounding light were big improvements, and it comes packed with 2 GB of ram and an extremely high-resolution screen. Sounds great, right?

Not so fast. When the iPad Pro was announced by Apple in October, alongside it Apple introduced a revolutionary new drawing tool, the Apple Pencil. This, combined with the technology and screen on the iPad Pro, created the closest digital replica of paper-and-pencil drawing that had ever been created. What was the 12.9 inch screen on the original iPad Pro for? Two reasons: computer replacement and drawing. In Apple's special event, they said that lots of people were using the iPad Pro instead of a computer. Secondly, it is a phenomenal drawing tool, so a larger screen is necessary for artists.

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